Race against Technology

Inventions, technology’s, electronics, they are ever changing, always evolving.. In this fast-paced world, can you still remember what device you used to listen to music while growing up? Or how your parents found information when they were young? Could you imagine the impact the invention of the radio had? Which was developed and manufactured at Strijp-S, a place where many innovations saw the light and many still are. Many inventions became ancient history in the last decade. Let’s rewind, travel through time and technology, get distracted by all the memorable gadgets. Use your knowledge of old fashioned electronics, creativity and inventivity to find crucial details and solve the puzzles. Nevertheless stand by and unravel all the innovations before the clock strikes 2016 again. When you’re able to connect light and audio you will break out of the room. If not? You might astray in history.

Follow the Light

A handful of cities around the world are called the city of lights. It could be due to the fact that it glistens like a star when you approach, because of a movie or it's because viewed from space it’s the brightest city in the world. Eindhoven is historically known as the city of lights, “de lichtstad”, considering the invention of the lightbulb.Everything in this city is a reflection of this invention and its inventor.. Obviously, the lightbulb was a crucial breakthrough and still has a colossal impact. We use it to mimic daylight, for making vegetables grow, we use it in theaters or as a romantic feature… we even use it for signals. Are you bright enough to find all these signals in a captivating game? Can you let light lead you the way during this electric timetravel? Are you able to solve the puzzles and find your way out in 60 minutes? Follow the light...